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Delphi Components : SmartDBNavigator Package

Dear Friend,

Here you can find a description of the main component of SmartDBNavigator Package named TSmartDBNavigator Component made by EDA Delphi Team.


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Secrets of our TSmartDBNavigator component


The TSmartDBNavigator component (a database navigator) is intended to really automate programming of Data Base applications. TSmartDBNavigator is used to move through the data in a dataset and perform operations on the data, such as inserting, deleting, navigating, searching, filtering, querying etc.


How it works?

TSmartDBNavigator is DataSource independent, i.e. you don't need to attach TSmartDBNavigator to any DataSource in a Form. All you have to do is to place TSmartDBNavigator on the form. TSmartDBNavigator captures all DataSources, respectively DataSets to control them. When entering some Dataware control TSmartDBNavigator automatically gets control’s DataSource (DataSet).

TSmartDBNavigator also can perform some special actions on DataSet like:

  • Incremental search;
  • FindNext;
  • Filtering;
  • Querying;
  • Ditto functions;
  • Switching focus between DataSources and etc.

All these functions are described in the following table




Standard Data Set Navigating functions

SmartDBNavigator can perform traditional navigation functions like going to: First Record, Last Record, Previous Record, Next Record, Previous Page, Next Page; Insert Record, Delete Record, Edit Record, Post Record; Cancel Record Changes, Refresh Data Set



Performs search on any DataField in DataSet. Choosing this mode user can search for value in DataField by typing character by character.



Performs searching for specific value on active DataField in active DataSet. In searching value wildcards can be used to ask for a partial matching. When TSmartDBNavigator is unable to find any more matching values it shows a hint.

Uses fastest possible method for searching: if there is an index over the searched field it is used. If there is not an index sequential searching is used.


This function applies filter to active DataSet. User can set filter condition at run time by typing or by using Filter Builder Dialog.

Based on the possibilities for filtering of TDBEDataSet.


You can use this function to perform Query against active DataSet. If this DataSet is a Query TSmartDBNavigator changes WHERE and ORDERBY clauses to affect desired condition. 

This function has restrictions if it is applied to TQuery. The restrictions come from difficulties with parsing and transformation of existing SQL expression. The quering is not executed if TSmartDBNavigator can't pars and transform the SQL expression.

Ditto functions

Performs DITTO functions: that means copy the value of the same field from the previous record if any.

This function can be used only for Paradox and Dbase tables.

Switch focus to Next Data Source

Very useful option when you have Master-Detail DataSet’s in a Form. This function switches to another dataware control, whoose DataSource is different from Focused dataware control DataSource.



TSmartDBNavigator is a very flexible component: It has a lot of properties you can set at design time:

  • You can set your own ShortCuts for controlling TSmartDBNavigator buttons;
  • You can set your only Hints for each TSmartDBNavigator’s button;
  • You can switch between vertical and horizontal TSmartDBNavigator view;
  • You can choose between Flat and 3D buttons;
  • You can change TSmartDBNavigator’s buttons color;
  • You can setup wildcards characters, which will be used by TSmartDBNavigator’s FindNext function;
  • User can be prompted before deletion of some record or deletion can be executed at background;
  • You can choose only some buttons to be visible at run time, but hidden buttons function can be still available with shortcut keys;
  • You can suppress some TSmartDBNavigator action by handling a BeforeAction event and changing a DoAction parameter.


Only ONE instance of TSmartDBNavigator can be placed on the Form.

You can view the pictures of the design and run time setting screen.

Secrets of our TEStatusBar component

Visual component for monitoring information for datasets and database operations.



TEStatusBar is a sub component, which can be placed on a form with already included TSmartDBNavigator on it. TEStausBar is a Data Base oriented status bar. It can be separated into several panels like Progress bar, User Defined panel or panels that show Name of Active Table (if it is not a Query!), State of Active Table (Browse, Edit, Insert etc.), Current Record number (for Paradox and dBase tables only) etc.
Active Table is a DataSet to which a focused dataware control is attached.


How it works?

TEStatusBar overrides TCustomPanel. The programmer can place in TEStatusBar any control if needed. For example TEStatusBar can collect TDBEdit. TEStatusBar has 3 kinds of included panel sections: eptDSInfo, eptRecNum and eptProgressBar.


Description of Panel Sections:

  • eptDSInfo - The panel will display information about active DataSet - name of physical table and number of records in it (if BDE language driver supports this function);
  • eptRecNum - The panel will display count of records in active DataSet and number of current record in DataSet (if BDE language driver supports these functions);
  • eptProgressBar - TEStatusPanel installs BDE CallBack function for large batch operations. This CallBack shows a progress bar in eptProgressBar panel during large operations.


This component can work only with TSmartDBNavigator placed on the same form.

Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

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